The only absurd thing here is your statement. Do you seriously suggest that a fetus growing up in the coldness of the lab is one at the same thing as growing in a mother’s womb? Have you ever heard of mother’s love and how strong it is? Why do you think women and other female mammals have been endowed with it? For no reason at all, ey?

Let me tell you one thing — we would die without love. Regardless of all the food and other needs fulfilled, we would die, as is literally DIE, without love. You don’t believe me? Well, another man who didn't get the basics had actually conducted one of the cruelest experiments in the history of psychology. His name was Harry Harlow.

The only thing that is absurd here is how threatened fragile male egos are by the simple truths I wrote. It’s horrendous to what lengths men would go to deny the women the role of utmost importance they play in the survival of the species and claim it for themselves! That’s low and weak and despicable! And it has to end!

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