No, actually, I cannot agree with your claims. To begin with, regarding the title — if there is anything that prevents you from freeing your mind after becoming familiar with these practices it’s your own dogma and inability to see anything else but your narrow viewpoint as something worthy of consideration.

This is also clear from your claim that the Roman Catholic dogma has been the most successful one in modern times. I’m not sure what you mean by modern times, but the number of Roman Catholic Church followers has seen a decline in what I understand as modern times. The rate of Christianity growth is SLOWER than the rate of population growth.

And if you are thinking about the time before that, then do you consider the Inquisition with its dictatorial practices, mass torture, and killings of millions of women that can be only compared to Hitler’s Third Reich and their killings of millions of Jews as a great success?

As for the so-called most “successful” religion nowadays, that would actually be Islam. It’s Islam that is growing more rapidly than any other religion in the world — thanks to its own dogma that demands from its followers to spread their faith and convert others, that tries to prevent its women from marrying anyone outside of Islam which assures that their children would be born as Muslims, and that in its most radical and violent form calls for the demise of atheists and members of other religions in the name of Allah.

So what we see is that the more aggressive the religion is, the more “successfully” it spreads. But that’s not success, that’s social failure.

Success for me is freedom and religious dogma is far from it.

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