I appreciate that but I do feel that Polanski, for whom I have nothing but deep respect, has been treated unfairly. Now tell me, as a father, what kind of a parent would not only leave alone but actually push her 13-year old daughter into an older man’s arms? Why wasn’t the mother there with the minor during the photoshoot? There are many more such whys and that’s why I suggest you watch the documentary — it’s an objective view of the case.

We will never know what exactly happened and why. What we do know is that Polanski got nothing but pure horror from his life in the States. His wife and unborn child were murdered in the most horrific way possible, a way that would traumatize anyone for several lifetimes. I cannot imagine how he managed to survive that. And then he was put on trial by a judge who did nothing but misused justice to the most disgusting and deplorable degree.

Polanski here too was the victim and the greatest of them all.

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