Dear Vasana, you were obviously so triggered that you failed to check other sources, above all the one referring to the HUMAN child. I suggest checking all the references and then trying to calm down.

As for the mice, the offspring was created using a cell OTHER THAN SPERM, and the implications published in the article (if you cared to read it in full, you'd know) were clear — it could highly likely be done in other mammals as well, including humans. Also, the offspring was alive and well until the researches decided to destroy e.g. kill it on purpose.

But I can completely understand that for men who have been as a rule raised in patriarchy and brainwashed with the idea of male superiority to the degree they are not even aware of, this article may come as a huge and horrendous shock.

For someone, and A WOMAN (imagine!) at that, to dare throw men from their position of superiority, the very foundation of our patriarchal society!

For a man raised under such conditions, I can see how that would be seen as outrageous. I would have been burnt at the stake for writing this not that long ago. That’s how appreciative of women our society has been for centuries and to some highly notable degree still is.

I feel for you, but I also feel this has the change. The idea that males are superior while completely ignoring the major importance of women for the very survival of the species has no place in any kind of decent and fair society, yet it’s still very much alive today.

And reactions such as your only prove my point. Sadly so.

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