The stories that generated thousands of views

Here’s the list of my top 10 stories on Medium. In other words, this is what Medium readers and editors considered to be my best work. These stories received well over 50K views in total with the by far the most popular one bringing in 17.2K views and receiving claps…

Or how to avoid energy vampires

I am one of those people who cannot stand to be touched or have a stranger stand too close to them. Before Corona, my personal space had been constantly violated. The worst were supermarket stores and wherever else I’d have to be close to people or wait in line.



Jack and John took care of all my needs.

I met Jack and John at the beach. They were surfing and I was impressed by their fit, tanned bodies. Pretending not to be all that interested, I turned away as they came out of the water and rolled over to show them my cute butt instead. …


We were both free and we made the most of it

We’ve been watching each other for way too long. Cautiously at first, being in a relationship with other people. Not all that happy relationships, but boundaries need to be respected. Even then, though, he’d compliment me whenever we happened to be alone for a brief moment or two.

“Lovely stockings,”…

Sometimes that’s the best and it’s always the safest

I came to work and it was a mess. Our building was in the middle of renovations so workers were everywhere. I’m a counselor so people still came to see me. …


The High Priestess of sex entered the shrine

It was her who created life and everybody knew it and worshiped her for that. Once a year, the High Priestess turned the barren land into fertile soil again. As she walked with the wind in her hair, stones beneath her feet dissolved and new life sprang to life.


It’s no wonder, really

It just happened to me — I currently cannot write erotica and it’s not just a simple case of writer’s block. I’ve never had writer’s block. …

Yes, it’s been that bad. That kind of changes the perspective, doesn’t it?

You know how everyone complains about 2020? I hear that and I laugh out loud. What happened is that, basically, most people now got a taste of how I’ve been living for the last 7+ years.

And I laugh because 2020 has been by far the best year for me…

It’s everywhere and it’s getting stronger

We, women, are enraged and I, as a woman, am no exception. I wasn’t even aware of the degree of this rage, though, until I started to regularly publish on Medium.

At first, I was going to write romance. Instead, this somehow turned into erotica, and then I added to…


Be my master

Strong women need strong men, so be strong for me. I want you to master me, but I’m hard to master. Try harder, be harder, do me harder. Grab me but do not abuse me. Show me your strength and let me melt in your arms.

I want to see…

Claire Divino

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